Simple Strategy Session

You just need to fix this one problem...

Why not use my brain for an hour?

Let me introduce myself:

I'm Sherry Smilar. I'm a wellness business strategizer. I have worked as an online nutrition coach and personal trainer. But I found that my true passion was working with the tech and mostly figuring out how to fix things and make things work the way you want. So I've been working with other wellness businesses as a virtual assistant, helping them make things work.

But sometimes you just need a little help understanding what needs to be done...

That's where my brain comes in

In our 1 hour strategy session and follow up, you'll have access to my brain 

In our session you can walk through your big issue and we'll work through a solution to your problem. 

What's included in your strategy session?

  • one hour call to discuss your big issue, or to strategize the best way forward
  • recording of our call
  • 3 follow up emails to make sure you don't have any problems implementing the solution

How much does it cost?

Your session and follow up emails costs $97 USD

Why do I need to apply first?

I want to make sure that I can help you. If you are asking about a system I don't use, then I'll refer you to someone who does have the answers. It also gives me a chance to think about your problem so your time in the call is not wasted.

Is there any commitment?

By applying you are under no obligation to purchase the strategy session. 

What if I want you to do it for me?

If you know you want me to do the implementation, then head over to my Simplify your business product and complete the application for virtual assistant support.

If you decide after our call that you need help implementing, I'll provide a discounted hourly package for my services.

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